About us

a) Company structure

Primary business category:- Agro processing
Structure:- The Company is comprised of nine shareholders of whom the patent holder Mr. Talegeta Loul Hailemariam is the General Manager. The General Assembly of the share company is the ultimate decision maker and the Board of Directors oversee the overall company administration and financial progress while the General manager and the executive management team lead the day to day activities on research and development, implementation and performance of the company and reports to the Board of Directors every three months.

b) Legal and trade registration process

Re nature Eternal Life Agro Processing S.C. is a legally registered share company. It has a ratified byelaw and MOU authenticated by DARO. The Company has got TIN number from the Revenue & Customs Agency. The Company has got Principal Commercial Registration from the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Trade on Hamle 20, 2008 E.C. It has got Investment Permit from Addis Ababa Investment Agency. It is a Startup company engaged in product development based on the new technology. Now it is engaged in production of Special Organic Fertilizer based on Research and Development


RELAP aspires to uphold and magnify upon its presence in the world’s sustainable humanoid advancement arena with a particular focus on promoting creation through innovation and precision to revitalize nature in Africa and elsewhere in our Globe.


RELAP aims to ensure long-term availability of basic services around the world. RELAP S.C has exclusive tenure to the world’s classic scientific principles of re-nature and eternal life. As such, we are committed to balancing our economic governance with our moral responsibility to ensure the long-term availability of this human intellectual asset to benefit the world. Hence, we judiciously develop our natural resources to drive sustainable and profitable growth; we also remain committed to fulfilling our social and environmental responsibilities.

Statement of the purpose

The purpose of business is to trade profitably and at its best effort to achieve company objectives through scientific evidence encircling eternal life principles.

Core Values:

1. Advancement in scientific research
2. Big Dream and Hard work
3. Respect and Genuine behavior
4. Intellectual Integrity and Commitment
5. Evidence based information
6. Ethical standard and impartiality
7. Inspired and transparent Leadership
8. Continual Growth

Company objectives:-

- Start Up Level: Production of better agricultural inputs and tools
- Medium Level Objective: Enhancing agricultural productivity through soil therapy and plant research
- Tertiary Level Objective : Promote mechanized agro processing sector

Team Composition

Mr. Talegeta Loul (Founder, Re-Specialist Researcher Principal Scientist and General Manager):Mr. Talegeta Loul, re-specialist researcher who has got a Diploma in Dentistry. He also has experience in private research for more than 35 years. He is also clinical dentist by profession and also engaged in philanthropy. Consequently, he has long-experience in new and private re- biology science and re- bio genetic engineering. The re-specialist researcher, Mr. Talegeta Loul has researched innovative and improved agronomic techniques and made water harvesting and reserving device, production of genetically automated seeds which are branded by the Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office. He has more than 35 years of experience in innovation of Re- biology and Re- bio genetic engineering inventions for human health and in new inventions to improve the agriculture as well as environment of our country.

Mr. Fikadu Lemma (Founder and Deputy Manager): He has LLB in Law from AAU and Diploma in management from Adama University. He also has more than 10 years’ experience in the judiciary sector as judge, federal prosecutor and attorney at law. He has been responsible for the immediate management of various organizations and also served as legal advisor for pertinent firms.

Mr. Abraham Tura (Founder, Assistant Re-Specialist Researcher and Technical Manager): He has BA degree in Sociology and Social Administration from Addis Ababa University and is now a M.Sc. student in Agricultural Economics and RD at Haramaya University. He has more than 14 years work experience in government and non-governmental organizations as project coordinator in rural and urban parts of the country and project officer, livelihoods specialist, consultant, trainer and project Analyst. He provided development related trainings including community mobilization, gender, transformational leadership & personal development, training on Business Selection, Planning, Management and Development Service, training & consultation on quality assurance & Improvement in development Programming, conducted terminal evaluation for NGOs. He also has vast experience in managing UNICEF and USAID funded projects. He also prepared business proposals and feasibility studies for private and other organizations, conduct feasibility study and preparing business plans especially for private businesses on various investment ventures, mechanized farm, general hospital, private health college, engineering companies, Food & macaroni factories, etc. preparation of operational manuals and implementation guidelines for private and other organizations, research related activities through interviewing client’s employees, management team and other stakeholders; running focus groups and facilitating workshops and carrying out data collection and analysis for research works; as well as documentation of success stories on various projects.